Mitigating risk in a new market

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"We find the work that Withers & Rogers undertake to be invaluable, especially in our product development process, where we ensure that our ideas are indeed innovative. Additionally, we also find ourselves drawing on their engineering and intellectual property experience, and in essence often use Withers & Rogers as a design sounding board."
Paul J Smith, Sales and Marketing Director
Peter Savage Limited
Ben Dempster

Ben Dempster




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Peter Savage Ltd is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of manhole covers, drain covers, access covers, surface boxes, gully gratings and associated drainage products.

The issue

The client wanted to enter a sector of the market that it had not previously been involved. There was the possibility of high volumes of sales, and earlier IP advice we provided ensured that the company was alert to infringement issues. We were then asked to investigate potential issues before the company invested time and money in designing a new product.

The solution

We initiated a search of patents and registered designs, which revealed one patent of concern. We were able to summarise the cover given in the patent, and advise the client accordingly. The client was then able to design the product around the existing patent.

The outcome

We advised that the new product design would not infringe the competitor’s patent. Peter Savage was then able to invest in design and launch of a product in a new sector, assured that that there was no IP conflict.