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  • Eli Lilly reigns Supreme

    13 July 2017

    The long running patent dispute between Actavis and Eli Lilly (Lilly) has now reached its zenith, with the UK Supreme Court decision issued 12th July (see here).  The Supreme Court allowed Lilly’s appeal and held that Actavis’ products directly infringe Eli Lilly’s patent in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain.  This momentous decision has […]

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  • UK’s preparations for the Unified Patent Court are back on track

    26 June 2017

    The UK has set in motion the legislative process to remove the final legal impediment to ratification of the UPCA. The UKIPO has confirmed today that the Unified Patent Court (UPC) related Statutory Instrument (the “Order on Privileges and Immunities”) has been laid before Parliament, alongside equivalent legislation for Scotland being scheduled for discussion in […]

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  • Adwords and honest concurrent use: Victoria Plum v Victorian Plumbing

    13 June 2017

    Victoria Plum Ltd v Victorian Plumbing Ltd [2016] EWHC 2911 was a trade mark case in which the issues of keyword advertising and honest concurrent use were intertwined.  The case highlights the fact that the ‘honesty’ of trade mark use can differ between the online and offline environments. The case also saw a successful counterclaim for […]

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  • SPCs can be used for compounds hidden within generic claims

    23 May 2017

    In good news for pharmaceutical patent owners, the England and Wales High Court has confirmed here that an SPC is allowable for a compound that is not specifically identified in a patent but (a) where there is a generic claim that covers the product and (b) where the product embodies the technical advance of the […]

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  • Court of appeal ruling in KitKat case is a blow for Nestle

    17 May 2017

    Tania Clark, partner and trade mark attorney said: “This decision is a blow for Nestle and its attempt to register a trade mark for the four-fingered shape of its KitKat chocolate bar, which began in 2010, has been rejected by the Court of Appeal. “The Court of Appeal’s decision means rival manufacturers such as Cadbury […]

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  • UK to join Hague Agreement in 2018

    9 May 2017

    It has been announced that the UK intends to ratify the Hague Agreement for the International Registration of Industrial Designs by 31st March 2018 and will be in a position to launch the service on 6th April 2018. The Hague Agreement enables applicants to seek protection of registered designs/design patents in over 66 territories through a […]

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