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We recognise that automotive innovation is not just focussed on the more traditional engineering aspects but increasingly encompasses innovation from software and electronics. Our group has been created to provide support to companies across all areas of automotive innovation.

Our experience

Our Automotive group offers a wealth of experience and knowledge in both the more traditional aspects of automotive engineering as well as electronics and software-based innovation, with several of our attorneys having gained valuable experience working within the automotive industry before joining the patent profession. The size and diversity of the group means that, when required, we can field attorneys who have developed expertise in almost any related subject or discipline. Notable clients include OEMs in both the passenger and off-highway vehicle sectors, tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers, as well as a global automotive engineering consultancy and developers of autonomous vehicle technology for both road and industrial environments. We have in-depth expertise covering all aspects of vehicle engineering and electronics, including vehicle autonomy from machine learning in fully and semi-autonomous systems to vehicle sensors, ADAS and in-vehicle control systems.

Our expertise

As a European firm we have offices in the largest automotive markets of Germany, UK and France, and handle national patents in these territories as well as European Patent Office patents. We understand that automotive filing strategies can often be a mixture of national and European patents and our strong European presence means that we are ideally equipped to handle such strategies.

We have a real passion and enthusiasm to protect and exploit the flow of new technologies being developed in the automotive sector and remain engaged with the industry through regular participation in industry events. We are commercially savvy and are able to add valuable insights and experience, recognising the needs of different business models.

For further information please contact the group's lead attorney:

Diego Black

Diego Black




+44 1926 310700

Office: Warwick