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Withers & Rogers is one of Europe’s largest dedicated intellectual property law firms, with offices across the UK, Paris and Munich.

Established more than 130 years ago, we remain as passionate as ever about making intellectual property work to our clients’ best advantage. Today, our clients include many renowned, innovative organisations from across Europe, North America and Asia.

Delivering Added Value

Withers & Rogers has unrivalled experience and expertise that we believe is second to none. In addition to our practice groups, we have several individual specialist groups which enables us to pool our industry knowledge and bring added value to our clients.

We offer a comprehensive service that extends to both securing IP rights (such as patents, trade mark, and design registrations) and advising on their exploitation and enforcement. Alongside this, we provide proactive support functions that help our clients keep track of their IP, stay on top of its maintenance, and stay in control of costs.

Building IP Strategies

Recognition of the long-term, strategic importance of intellectual property is growing rapidly. To help our clients make the most of their creativity, we can build strategies that embrace critical areas including innovation culture, due diligence, and invention management, to name a few.

All of our patent and trade mark attorneys are selected on the basis of excellent academic achievement and industry knowledge. This ensures our clients receive a service that delivers both technical excellence and commercial insight.

Withers & Rogers Technical Capabilities

Our service covers multiple industries delivered by four core practice groups:

Advanced Engineering

We advise clients in a diverse range of fields, including medical devices, off-highway vehicles, oil and gas exploration, motorsport, and aerospace technology, to mention a few.

Electronics, Computing & Physics

The Electronics, Computing & Physics group is the firm’s largest practice group and one of the largest dedicated patent attorney practice groups in Europe. The size and diversity of our Electronics, Computing & Physics group means that we can field attorneys who have developed expertise in almost any related subject or discipline.

Life Sciences & Chemistry

Our Life Sciences & Chemistry group has a wealth of expertise in the chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in academic research. Specialists across the group have extensive experience in addressing the technical and legal issues affecting this critical sector.

Trade Mark

Our Trade Mark group is a highly experienced team that performs consistently amongst the top ten UK firms for UK and European trade mark filings. We provide specialist advice and support to brand owners operating in a variety of industry sectors across the globe.