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An Intellectual Property (IP) audit is a detailed review of the IP assets of a business along with any related agreements and/or policies. In particular, an IP audit is a systematic review of the IP owned or used by a business so as to assess and manage risk, mitigate challenges and implement best practices.

There is currently a UK Government scheme available to support UK businesses in obtaining IP audits, which is managed via the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO).  Under this scheme, the UK IPO funds the majority of the audit cost.

How can Withers & Rogers help?

Withers & Rogers is able to provide IP audits under this scheme, and we are experienced at providing these audits to businesses of all shapes and sizes, across a range of sectors.

If your organisation could benefit from an IP audit and you would like a free initial discussion, please get in touch via the link to our “Contact Us” section.