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The introduction of the Unitary Patent and the associated Unified Patent Court is a landmark moment in European patent law.

Following many years of negotiations, the date on which the Unified Patent Court (UPC) will be in full operation, and on which the Unitary Patent (UP) will be available, will be 1 June 2023. On this site we have provided a number of helpful articles to assist applicants in understanding the new system. In particular, you’ll find detailed information about the Unitary Patent itself and the new Unified Patent Court. We’ve also provided information on the predicted cost of the new system to applicants, the countries currently covered, as well as guidance on filing strategy issues that you need to begin considering.

For an overview of what the Unitary Patent Package entails, please watch the introductory video below. As more details emerge, we will be adding videos to our dedicated Unitary Patent Package video page.

Unitary Patent Comparison Calculator

In advance of the Unitary Patent Court coming into force we offer a Unitary Patent Comparison Calculator which can be used for anticipating costs and helping to decide if the Unitary Patent is something you should incorporate into your own IP strategy. You can sign up to access the Unitary Patent Comparison Calculator here.

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