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Our commitment to diversity equality and inclusion.

Withers & Rogers is passionate about embracing people’s differences. As a firm, we stand together with all sections of society against discrimination and injustice of any kind.

Over the last few years, we have made a real commitment to ensure that Withers & Rogers proactively supports diversity, equality and inclusion and have put plans in place to ensure we continue to do so going forward.

The IP Inclusive Charter for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

By signing the IP Inclusive Charter, we are committed to:

  • Having in place a named individual within our organisation as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion officer. This person will be sufficiently senior to make change happen and to be accountable for our progress.
  • Having in place a written Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy for our organisation and making everybody in the organisation aware of it.
  • Promoting openness and transparency in order to demonstrate merit-based equal opportunities in our recruitment and career progression processes.
  • Acknowledging the effects of unconscious bias and introducing measures to tackle it.
  • Monitoring and reporting internally on our progress using measures and at intervals that are appropriate to our size and nature.
  • Sharing our experience within the IP Inclusive community to help build an effective network for equality, diversity and inclusion across the IP sector.

IP Inclusive Senior Leaders Pledge:

Our senior leaders have committed to signing the IP Inclusive Senior Leader Pledge. The Leaders’ Pledge supplements the IP Inclusive EDI Charter and consists of eight high-level commitments and the individual practical steps, each will take to drive diversity, equality, and inclusion. There are some shared commitments that deliver against our diversity and inclusion strategy alongside personal ones.

Click here to view our individual team pledges.

Withers & Rogers diversity and inclusion memberships and groups

We are an active sponsor of IP Inclusive, helping to bring about greater equality, diversity, and inclusion in the IP profession.

Two of our partners went on to join regional IP Inclusive committees:  Fiona McBride Co-founded the South West, whilst Joanna Thurston co-founded the Northern committee.

As part of our continued involvement, colleagues regularly attend awareness events hosted by other IP Inclusive members, examples of which include an awareness and networking day for International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and Women in IP coffee mornings.

We are also a member of Inclusive Employers, the UK’s first and leading membership organisation for employers looking to build inclusive workplaces. Inclusive Employers offers a framework that supports us in delivering our diversity and inclusion agenda.

In addition to our memberships, we have also created the Withers & Rogers Diversity & Inclusion Steering Group. This group aims to support our staff networks, empowering them to contribute towards the decision-making processes that enable us to meet our diversity and inclusion objectives, and help build trusting relationships by providing a safe platform to:

  • Share ideas and experiences
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities
  • Find support and signposting

Diversity and inclusion leadership statement and wellbeing ambassadors

At Withers & Rogers, our diversity and inclusion leadership statement sets out our commitment to engendering an inclusive workplace that values diversity. The statement specifies a number of actions we are committed to taking and many of these have been achieved, including:

  • Establishing a representative volunteer group from across the firm to help set direction, drive our approach, and deliver actions (Diversity & Inclusion Steering Group)
  • Equip managers to lead and motivate diverse teams by providing inclusion education and training opportunities
  • Launching the Learning & Development Academy, with diversity and inclusion training playing an integral role
  • Train Mental Health First Aiders from across the firm

Mental health and wellbeing continue to be a key focus for us. We have 19 trained Mental Health First Aiders across our offices and at all levels. Our Mental Health First Aiders are a point of contact for any employee who is experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress.

Using the externally recognised framework known as the 5 pillars of wellbeing (physical, mental, financial, social and environmental), we provide resources, signposting and educational materials to promote wellbeing in all areas.

Diversity and wellbeing policies

The firm recognises the importance of work-life balance & personal development.  This is supported by our sabbatical leave policy together with our hybrid working policy which gives everyone greater flexibility.

We have also created a new role and appointed our first ever Diversity & Inclusion Specialist. This position plays an integral role in manifesting our diversity and inclusion aims by leading and delivering on our diversity, inclusion and equality strategies within the firm.

We will continue to deliver both internal and external messages on diversity and inclusion subject matters, and all our colleagues are invited to contribute. In addition, we promise to continue our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

For more information about our Diversity & Inclusion programme and ongoing activities, please do not hesitate to contact us at dandigroup@withersrogers.com.