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"Valo Health specifically engaged Withers & Rogers as they provide a level of knowledge and creativity that supports us in protecting our innovations in very complex technical areas. They provide an excellent service with clear and pragmatic advice that is always tailored to our commercial needs. In essence, they act as part of our in-house team."
Chief IP Officer
Valo Health

We are a purpose-led business and have 3 core values which help to describe how we work with each other and our clients. Our core purpose and values are the glue which bind us together and provide the basis for our business decisions.

Our core purpose

Our purpose is: Building trusting relationships.

What this means is that our fundamental reason for being, building trusting relationships, permeates through everything we do, from working with each other to providing strategic advice to our clients. This purpose will help anchor our decision making and will underpin everything we do at Withers & Rogers.

For our clients – Genuine relationships where we enjoy working together, building mutual trust and respect over time.

For our people – Living and breathing trusting relationships with each other bleeds into everything we do with our people, our clients, our suppliers and our peers in the market.

For our profession – Building trusting relationships promotes our profession in the very best way: putting people and professionalism at the heart of what we do, increasing trust.


Our values

Our values are:

  • Being collaborative
  • Being genuine
  • Being passionate

Being collaborative means we are committed to working with each other to deliver the best possible outcome.

For us being genuine means we are open and honest about what we believe and feel. We are committed to being our best self.

Being passionate means we love what we do. We have confidence in ourselves and each other. We are experts in what we do and can see the big picture. We trust ourselves and our knowledge and thrive on our subject matter.

We will be guided by our values in everything we do. They act as a yardstick to measure our behaviours every day.


Our strategy

Finally, we use an acronym to articulate our strategy, GROW, which stands for:

  • Great people
  • Reward and recognition
  • Operational excellence (leading to Organisational alignment across our European hubs)
  • Winning worldwide

Our GROW strategy is adopted by everyone across the firm and will help ensure we realise our longer-term vision for the firm.

We are committed to driving quality in the work we do and to having a business which encourages diversity and inclusivity.  We see ourselves as an extension to our client’s teams and this commitment solidifies our brand.


Our strategic framework

Our strategic framework describes what we are doing as a firm to help our clients and people realise their ideas. It highlights what makes us special at Withers & Rogers and sets out our key priorities in order to achieve sustainable growth.

To find out more, please watch this short video about our brand and purpose: