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It is predicted that by 2025 robotics and autonomous systems will yield a global impact measured in the trillions of dollars. Enabling technologies meet innovative minds to create exciting and lucrative opportunities for those involved.

Our experience

Our Robotics & Autonomous Systems group offers a unique capability to the industry. Made up of UK and European patent attorneys with engineering backgrounds in mechatronics, telecommunications and software, we understand the sector and the innovations driving it.

We work with clients to protect key innovations from platforms, kinematics and end effectors to the control algorithms that govern and guide them. Known environment, open environment, single asset to swarm, we know your industry.

Our expertise

Members of the group have a wide range of expertise.

On the consumer side we have experience in autonomous vehicles and social robots.

Our industrial robotics expertise ranges from unmanned systems navigation algorithms and SLAM to radiation mapping UAVs, USV conversion modules and oil & gas downhole technologies.

In the medical sphere we understand a range of surgical robots, as well as components for assisted living.

Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) such as deep learning and generative models are leading to ever-increasing levels of autonomy in robotic systems, enabling their deployment in complex environments with little or no human supervision.

For further information please contact the group's lead attorney:

Chris Froud

Chris Froud




+44 114 273 3400

Office: Sheffield