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Intellectual property rights exist to secure an exclusive area of a market. The proprietor of those rights can realise value from them by making and selling products or providing services in that market sector under the shield of the IP protection. Alternatively, IP rights can be licensed to a third party to exploit that exclusivity in return for a royalty. IP rights can also be exploited strategically to secure a partnership with another IP owner.

Withers and Rogers’ attorneys advise clients in relation to the commercialisation of their IP. In particular, we advise clients in relation to the licensing or sale of their IP rights. We also have relationships with a strong network of specialist IP solicitors that can advise on the detailed aspects of licensing.

Occasionally, disputes arise under intellectual property rights between businesses. When initially reviewing any contentious matter that may result in legal action in the courts, we would consider strategies in the best interests of the client to achieve the client’s desired results in the most cost effective fashion. Consequently, in addition to our in house provision (see our Contentious Practice Group), we maintain relations with numerous high quality contentious IP solicitors. Where an external provider can deliver a more effective service we would recommend that and continue to work closely with that external provider to ensure your interests are represented as strongly as possible.