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  • Portugal becomes eighth country to ratify UPC Agreement

    2 September 2015

    After completing the required formalities on 28 August 2015, Portugal became the latest country to ratify the UPC agreement, bringing the total number to eight. In order for the Unified Patent Court and the Unitary Patent to come into effect, 13 EU countries must ratify the Agreement, including the three largest member states in terms […]

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  • Sheffield office relocation

    24 August 2015

    On Monday 24 August 2015 the Sheffield office of Withers & Rogers LLP will relocate from Electric Works to new premises within Sheffield city centre. Our full address and contact details can be found below. Please update your records and inform colleagues accordingly. We look forward to welcoming you to our offices in the near […]

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  • Wind turbine speed control patent win for Siemens AG

    6 August 2015

    Wobben Properties, the IP holding company of Germany’s Enercon – the world’s 4th largest wind turbine manufacturer, holds a European patent on Enercon’s Storm Control technology relating to a method of operating a wind turbine. Wobben asserted that Siemen’s High Wind Ride Through (HWRT) technology installed in turbines in the UK infringed their patent, to […]

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  • Court of Appeal overturns cross jurisdiction award of DNIs to Actavis

    27 July 2015

    Last year we reported the decision of the UK High Court in the case of Actavis v Lilly, concerning the anti-cancer drug pemetrexed disodium (see here). To recap briefly, the UK High Court ruled that Actavis’ pemetrexed dipotassium product did not infringe Lilly’s patent directed to pemetrexed disodium either under direct infringement, or under indirect […]

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  • Can a FRAND SEP stop ZTE? The CJEU rules on the rules

    22 July 2015

    The CJEU has set out criteria to determine when the owner of a FRAND encumbered patent may seek an injunction when the owner is in a dominant market position. Significantly, a patent owner in that position is now required to offer a licence at a specific royalty to the infringer before seeking an injunction. This […]

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  • EPO grant procedure more efficient as of 1 July 2015

    21 July 2015

    The EPO recently announced slight changes (found here) to the procedure regarding Rule 71(3) EPC communications, which allows an applicant a final opportunity to amend or correct their application before grant. Prior to 1 July 2015, when an applicant responded to a R71(3) communication with amendments, a new R71(3) communication had to be issued if […]

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