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Working in Life Sciences & Chemistry

What I really enjoy is getting face-to-face with the inventors and becoming part of their team. That’s what makes Withers & Rogers different. They definitely do not want you stuck behind a desk all day.

After doing three years of post-doctoral research following my Chemistry PhD, I knew I wanted to join the patent profession. It was meeting the people during my first interview that made me want to work at Withers & Rogers. They are friendly, helpful, approachable and they create a constructive and co-operative atmosphere where trainees can flourish.

One of the great things about working here is that you get involved with a diverse range of clients and technologies. I’ve already worked across a broad spectrum of different areas from pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and medical diagnostics through to plastics, polymers and even a new type of fuel.

One of my proudest achievements was being very directly involved with a prospective client. Through building a strong personal relationship and developing trust, I was able to play a key role in securing the business for Withers & Rogers.