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The Electronics, Computing & Physics group is the firm’s largest practice group and one of the largest dedicated electronics and computing patent attorney practice groups in Europe. The size and diversity of this group means that we are able to field attorneys who have developed expertise in almost any related subject or discipline.

Our experience

Our clients include well-known British, American and Asian companies manufacturing products and offering services in the electronics, communications, or computer-related fields.

They include telecommunications handset and equipment providers, computer software companies, medical equipment manufacturers (including medical imaging equipment), computer network and systems providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, defence related technology companies, aerospace and avionics manufacturers, as well as the research departments and technology transfer companies of a number of British universities.

Our expertise

The group is headed by Nick Wallin, one of Europe’s leading practitioners in the field of computer implemented inventions. The group also includes former Patent Examiners at the UK Intellectual Property Office and attorneys with dual qualifications as Patent Attorney Litigators. Working languages spoken by group members include French, German, and Mandarin, in addition to English.

The group also comprises individuals who have spent valuable time in industry, including working as electronic engineers, research scientists, software engineers, and electrical design engineers. In addition, several group members have several years’ valuable experience as in-house IP counsel within the Intellectual property departments of various multinational companies.

First degrees include physics, either solely or in combination with subjects such as solid state electronics and computing, as well as electronic and electrical engineering and electronic systems engineering. Members’ doctorates and other higher degrees cover varied specialist areas, including nuclear magnetic resonance applications, antenna design, and sensor design.

Wider perspectives

The Electronics, Computing & Physics group aims to stay in touch with industry developments, and where possible, use this knowledge to improve our services to clients.

The group’s members serve and participate in a wide range of organisations, including the Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET), the Institute of Physics (IOP), Cambridge Wireless Network, Silicon South West, Bristol Enterprise Network, South East Health Technologies Alliance, Oxford Alumni, Medi-Wales, Low Carbon Southwest, British Computing Society, West of England Aerospace Forum, Electronics Knowledge Transfer Network and Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network.

For further information please contact the group's lead attorney:

Nick Wallin

Nick Wallin




+44 20 7940 3600

Office: London