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UPC reason five: Quick and efficient

26 January 2022

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) would resolve cases much more quickly than is possible under the current system. If a case is brought, it would be processed, and a judgment passed down within a year. This means that businesses can bring their cases to court more quickly if needed. The Court also intends to hear trials in just one day, much like the system at the European Patent Office for oppositions.

There may previously have been some reluctance on the part of patent proprietors to pursue a case because it can take two years or more to achieve a resolution, even just in one country, along with the increased costs that a prolonged litigation period and multi-day trial can bring. The relatively quick resolution to a case, combined with the fact that the outcome applies across all member states, would help to provide certainty to businesses on a swifter timescale.


In this series, we give our top 10 reasons to welcome the Unitary Patent system and explore why the system is a great thing for innovative businesses. Watch this space!