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UPC reason three: Well-run Unified Patent Court

24 January 2022

It is expected that the Unified Patent Court (UPC) would provide robust decisions as a result of the standardised practices between divisions and the diverse and well-trained pool of judges. This ensures that issues can be expertly tried, and decisions relied upon in territories previously unaccustomed to handling large volumes of patent litigation. This consistency of practice would provide a level playing field for businesses across Europe. Judges have been recruited from a broad range of countries so would be able to apply and interpret the rules of the UPC drawing on the best practices from various jurisdictions.

The court system is intended to operate so that cases can be dealt with quickly from commencement to trial (12 months) and the expectation is that trials would typically last only one day, reducing cost for all parties.


In this series, we give our top 10 reasons to welcome the Unitary Patent system and explore why the system is a great thing for innovative businesses. Watch this space!