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Strategic IP consultancy is at the core of our service and our position as one of Europe’s leading IP firms enables us to offer high level insights. We offer Board level support to a wide range of businesses in order to effectively match IP planning with wider strategic objectives.

Strategic IP services include:

  • IP audit and valuation
  • Strategic portfolio planning
  • Freedom to Operate and Competitive Landscape analysis and reporting
  • Consolidation of non-strategic/core portfolios
  • Preparation of IP for sale or licencing purposes
  • In-house training to ensure IP strategy delivery
  • Targeting and Benchmarking
  • Setting Royalty rates
  • IP risk management analysis and reporting
  • Assessment of loss through damages
  • Confidential competitor analysis and recommendations
  • Expert Witness services
  • Finance considerations related to IP
  • Technology Transfer and Valuation
  • Renewals
  • IP Insurance

We have specialist advisors with both the technical background and commercial experience to advise on IP strategy at all levels, from High Tech Start-ups to the largest global businesses.

Clients appreciate our ability to advise and inform all board members, who in some cases may have little or no previous experience of the strategic significance of Patents, Trade Marks and Registered Designs. We are well known for focusing on recommending the best possible strategy for any given point on the business life-cycle and we have a proven track record in delivering innovative alternatives to more conventional approaches to IP.

Our Strategic IP specialists understand the need to deliver value from your portfolio as well as broader commercial strategic objectives.