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UPC reason eight: Clear court processes and timeline

31 January 2022

The Unitary Patent Court (UPC) would have a common process and timeline for all of its divisions throughout Europe. This would increase the clarity of procedure before the UPC and reduce complexity and delay. It means that a UPC litigator can be assured that a case brought in Stockholm would be handled the same as a case in Munich or Paris. A clear timeline for procedure, with deadlines for the completion of each stage, would make it easier for parties to plan and make decisions around proceedings.

The UPC has set itself the goal of hearing patent cases within twelve months from commencement to help to prevent unnecessary delay. The goal of a one-day trial has been set, which should limit the costs involved.

The UPC would offer increased predictability and lower costs compared with the existing situation where cases have to be taken in each national jurisdiction of interest.


In this series, we give our top 10 reasons to welcome the Unitary Patent system and explore why the system is a great thing for innovative businesses. Watch this space!